Enabling Interoperable Biogeochemistry with Alquimia

Environmental applications involve a wide range of processes, from hydrology and vegetation dynamics to genome-informed biogeochemistry, and many research groups are actively developing and enhancing mechanistic models for these processes. To share these specialized capabilities across codes efficiently, and to accelerate their future development, componentization is necessary.


What are Interoperable Software Libraries? Introducing the xSDK

Published February 02, 2018

Contributor David Moulton

The complexity and importance of biogeochemistry make it an excellent target for componentization via Alquimia, a uniform API and wrapper library for these capabilities. A forthcoming article will discuss ``best practices'' in the development of Alquimia, including work to enhance key scientific features and release it as the first reusable domain package in the xSDK. Initial development of Alquimia focused on making the capabilities of PFLOTRAN and CrunchFlow available to applications such as Amanzi. Alquimia makes it easier for a developer to use a specialized feature from another code’s biogeochemistry component, and makes the development of new features more efficient.