Team of Teams: Strategies for large organizations

Numerous CSE projects (The DOE Exascale Computing Project, Square Kilometer Array, Blue Brain Project and Energy Exascale Earth System Model - Formerly ACME to name a few) are large, hierarchical organizations that produce and manage scientific software in a complex environment. The Team of Teams body of work provides a collection of books, online resources and lectures on concepts and strategies for this kind of project. A first resource from this collection is the book Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World.


What Are Strategies for More Effective Teams?

Published April 20, 2018

Contributor Mike Heroux

Key concepts include the goals of:

  • Shared consciousness: Establishing a common conceptual model and big picture understanding of the comprehensive project.
  • Empowered execution: Fostering authority of sub-teams and individuals to act without explicit senior leadership consultation. These resources can be useful for anyone engaged in large projects where requirements are multi-scale and emergent or, in other words, complex.

Team of Teams Discussion Materials

This material formed the basis 90-minute break-out session presented at the Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project Annual Meeting introduces the idea of developing shared consciousness, empowered execution, and enabling leadership among and within teams as important steps on the path toward scaling the productivity of small teams to a large networked aggregate team, or a team of teams based on ideas presented in the 2015 book by Stanley McChrystal, et al. and other sources. This information has been provided to help foster teamwork in teams of all sizes, leveraging people's diverse skills in pursuit of a common goal.