Best Practices For HPC Software Developers Webinar Series

The HPC Best Practices (HPC-BP) webinars address issues faced by developers of computational science and engineering (CSE) software on high-performance computers (HPC).


How To Configure Software

What Is Software Configuration?

What Is CSE Software Design?

What Is CSE Software Refactoring?

What Is Software Engineering For CSE?

What Is Online Learning?

Published May 17, 2018

Webinars are scheduled on roughly a monthly basis and are available live and then archived for future reference. The event web site provides details about the webinar series, including announcements of upcoming webinars, a mailing list to receive announcements, and archival information for the entire series.

Below, are some of the webinars which have been referenced elsewhere on the Better Scientific Software site.

Developing, Configuring, Building, And Deploying HPC Software

In May 2016, Barry Smith presented a webinar titled "Developing, Configuring, Building, and Deploying HPC Software" in the series Best Practices for HPC Software Developers on the IDEAS Productivity website.

Abstract: The process of developing HPC software requires consideration of issues in software design as well as practices that support the collaborative writing of well-structured code that is easy to maintain, extend, and support. This presentation will provide an overview of development environments and how to configure, build, and deploy HPC software using some of the tools that are frequently used in the community. We will also discuss ways in which these and other tools are best utilized by various categories of scientific software developers, ranging from small teams (for example, a faculty member and graduate students who are writing research code intended primarily for their own use) through moderate/large teams (for example, collaborating developers spread among multiple institutions who are writing publicly distributable code intended for use by others in the community).

To view Barry's original webinar, and the full webinar series, see the following links:

Developing, Configuring, Building, and Deploying HPC Software Series: Best Practices for HPC Software Developers

Bringing Best Practices To A Long Lived Production Code (Webinar)

Presenter: Charles Ferenbaugh

Abstract: How can you introduce best software practices to a long-lived scientific production code, with a significant user base, that has “gotten along fine” for years doing things its own way? Often developers in such projects must struggle with overly complex code, inadequate documentation, little or no software process, and a “just write the code fast” culture; these are challenges to software quality that are generally not issues for new projects. In this presentation we’ll discuss some of the peculiar problems faced by long-lived scientific codes, and present a case study of how we’re dealing with these issues at LANL in the xRage radiation-hydrodynamics simulation code

To view Charles's original webinar, see: Bringing Best Practices to a Long-Lived Production Code