Better Collaboration

Ways to facilitate and distribute work across teams, promote partnerships via software, and contribute to stronger communities.

Software is the key crosscutting technology that sustains long-term CSE collaboration, encapsulating advances in applied mathematics, computer science, and domain-specific science and engineering for use by others. We provide information for CSE projects of all sizes, ranging from small teams (for example, a professor and collaborating students) to broad partnerships that span different scientific, institutional, and geographic areas.

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Better Collaboration Topics

Projects And Organizations

Projects and organizations having a particular emphasis on scientific software development, productivity, and sustainability.

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Software Publishing And Citation

Publishing and citing of software as a distinct artifact (i.e., different from scientific papers); and publication venues focusing on software development topics, as distinct from the scientific results and methods.

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The legal side of controlling software distribution and use.

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Strategies For More Effective Teams

Ways to foster teamwork, leveraging people's diverse skills in pursuit of a common goal.

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Funding Sources And Programs

Sources of financial support for efforts to improve scientific software development practices, productivity, sustainability, and community-building. Note that these efforts are distinct from traditional computational science and engineering R&D.

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Discussion Forums, Q&A Sites

Discussion forums and Q&A sites where questions about scientific software development, productivity, and sustainability are welcome.

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