Better Collaboration

Improving ways to facilitate work across teams and to promote partnerships and community contributions via software. We consider projects of all sizes, from small teams through multi-institutional aggregate teams.

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Better Collaboration Topics

Projects and Organizations

Projects and organizations having a particular emphasis on scientific software development, productivity, and sustainability.

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Strategies for More Effective Teams

Approaches for building teams and improving cohesion---working with small, large, and distributed teams---as well as practices for fostering a culture of inclusion and creating safe spaces, even if virtual, in which teams operate.

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Funding Sources and Programs

Sources of financial support for efforts to improve scientific software development practices, productivity, sustainability, and community building. These efforts are distinct from traditional computational science and engineering R&D.

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Software Publishing and Citation

Why and how to publish and cite software as a distinct, independent artifact (i.e., different from scientific papers), as well as information on publication venues for software development topics, as distinct from scientific results and methods.

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The legal side of controlling software distribution and use, as well as implications of practices and impact on collaboration and growth of software projects.

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Discussion and Question Sites

Discussion forums and sites where questions about scientific software development, productivity, and sustainability are welcome.

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Conferences and Workshops

Recurring series of conferences and workshops that highlight advances in scientific software productivity and sustainability.

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