Site Overview

The Better Scientific Software site is a central hub for sharing information on practices, techniques, experiences, and tools to improve CSE software productivity, quality, and sustainability.

We are raising awareness of the importance of good software practices to scientific productivity and to the quality and reliability of computationally based scientific results. Another goal is to raise awareness of the increasing challenges facing CSE software developers as high-end computing heads to extreme scales.

What’s Here?

The site provides instructional materials, WhatIs and HowTo documents (concise characterizations and best practices), and a community-driven collection of resources on software development and software engineering, all in an accessible CSE context.

Who Contributes and Why?

We welcome contributions from anyone who would like to share information on software issues for CSE. Goals are to help CSE researchers work more effectively within their own projects and to increase collaboration, leverage, recognition, and impact — all with the long-term goal of advancing scientific discoveries. See BSSw contributors thus far. Please see details on how to contribute to BSSw.

Code of Conduct

We expect all contributors to follow a Contributor Code of Conduct, as described in the BSSw Policies.