Julia Stewart Lowndes

Affiliation: National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), UC Santa Barbara

URL: https://jules32.github.io/



Increasing the value of open scientific software through helping researchers engage with existing open source tooling and communities rather than reinventing on their own

Julia empowers researchers with technical, team and leadership skills for data-intensive open science through Openscapes, which she founded and co-directs. Openscapes helps researchers do “better science for future us” – data-intensive science that is reproducible and transparent; enabled by open source software; and underscored by sustainability, inclusion, and kindness. Julia’s work focuses on the Openscapes Champions Program, a remote cohort series that is not a typical training workshop – it is an interactive co-learning experience where learners bring their own research projects and are able to make tangible progress together with their teams and with a cohort of peers. During the BSSw Fellowship, Julia will improve publicly accessible open educational resources: the Openscapes Champions Lesson Series (https://openscapes.org/series) that are available for Champions program participants as well as self-paced learning for everyone.

Julia Stewart Lowndes is Founder and Co-Director of Openscapes, championing kinder, better science for future us through open science and teamwork. As a marine data scientist, Mozilla Fellow ‘19 and Senior Fellow at NCEAS, she has nearly ten years designing and leading programs to empower science teams with skill sets and mindsets for reproducible research, empowering researchers with existing open tools and communities. She has been building communities of practice in this space since 2013 with the Ocean Health Index after earning her PhD at Stanford University studying drivers and impacts of Humboldt squid in a changing climate. She is a Carpentries instructor and a co-founder of Eco-Data-Science and R-Ladies Santa Barbara. Follow her on Twitter @juliesquid.