Nasir Eisty

Affiliation: University of Alabama




Advance practices for effective software testing, an essential activity to build error-free and trustworthy software.

Nasir is developing a hands-on tutorial entitled “Automatic Testing in Scientific Software”. The tutorial will contain background information on challenges, barriers, potential solutions, and unsolved problems faced while testing scientific software, along with hands-on exercises. This tutorial will bring valuable practices to the scientific software community to help developers produce correct and reliable software.

Nasir is a graduate student in the Software Engineering research lab in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Alabama. His research focuses on the development of software engineering techniques and tools to improve the quality and maintainability of research software.

Selected resources

HPC Best Practices Webinar: Testing and Code Review Practices in Research Software Development Testing Non-Deterministic Research Software Use of Software Metrics in Research Software Automatic Testing for Scientific Software Development, SIAM CSE21 Minisymposium: Better Scientific Software Fellowship