Rene Gassmoeller

Affiliation: University of California, Davis




Navigate the social challenges in the evolution of scientific software projects.

Rene is creating a series of guides and tutorials about managing the community around a scientific software project. Targeted at current and prospective software maintainers and community leaders, the tutorials will teach this knowledge in small modules that are accessible to scientists. Thus, if you are currently leading or maintaining a scientific software project, or thinking about starting one, Rene's guides will help you navigate your scientific software project from inception to long-term sustaintability.

Rene is an Assistant Project Scientist in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at the University of California, Davis. He is also one of the maintainers of the free modeling software ASPECT (Advanced Solver for Problems in Earth's Convection). ASPECT combines modern software development techniques to allow for more sophisticated and better tested geodynamic modelling studies.

Selected resources

HPC Best Practices Webinar: Discovering and Addressing Social Challenges in the Evolution of Scientific Software Projects Scientific Software Projects and their Communities