Tanu Malik

Affiliation: DePaul University

URL: http://facsrv.cs.depaul.edu/~tmalik1



Reduce technical debt in scientific software development using reproducible containers.

Tanu focuses on the use and practice of reproducible containers to reduce technical debt in scientific software. Scientists often have to choose between pursuing a fast-paced research agenda and developing organized, sufficiently-documented, and reproducible systems. Her work will seek for novel techniques, frameworks, and community input for reducing technical debt. She plans to highlight the use of reproducible containers as examples of reducing technical debt and solicit robust, practical and reproducible ideas.

Tanu Malik is an assistant professor in the School of Computing at DePaul University and directs the Data Systems and Optimization Lab. Her research interests span topics in database systems, data provenance, distributed systems, and cyber-infrastructure for scientific data management. Tanu is also a recipient of the 2019 NSF Career Award.