Basics and Essentials of Version Control (Sustainable Horizons Webinar)

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What is Version Control?

How to do Version Control with Git in your CSE Project

Published May 08, 2019

Contributors Mary Ann Leung and David Sondak

The webinar series of the Sustainable Horizons Institute proudly presents: Basics and Essentials of Version Control. Join us on Friday, February 1, 2019 from 2 - 3 pm CST. David Sondak will host a webinar on version control. Participants will learn why version control is an essential tool for science and explore the popular git version control system. Hands-on and interactive exercises will be used to teach participants about git operations such as clone, push, pull, fetch, and merge, among others. Attendees will learn version control best practices and will be prepared to start using it in their every day lives.

Advance registration is required through the event website.