A site maintained by University of Alabama Computer Science Professor Jeffrey C. Carver and his PhD student Nasir Eisty to collect and promote work to bridge between the software engineering and research software (including computation science and engineering) communities.

The site's description of itself says: "The increase in the importance of Research Software (including computational science and engineering software) motivates the need to identify and understand which software engineering (SE) practices are appropriate. Because of the uniqueness of the research software domain, existing SE tools and techniques developed for the business/IT community are often not efficient or effective. Appropriate SE solutions must account for the salient characteristics of the research software development environment. To identify these solutions, members of the SE community must interact with members of the research software community."

Some of the resources included on the site include:

  • Websites for the International Workshop on Software Engineering for Science workshop series (which has also gone by several other variations of the name since it began in 2007);
  • Tutorial materials on testing, test-driven development (TDD), and code review;
  • A list of publications on software engineering for science from Carver's research group and collaborators; and
  • A nascent "paper hub", collecting other papers about software engineering for science.