Better Scientific Software: 2019 Highlights

2019 Highlights

PublishedJan 03, 2020
Author Rinku Gupta
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As we stand at the cusp of a new decade, I want to thank the BSSw community, whose efforts have led to great strides in building better scientific software. In 2019, the BSSw site was revamped to improve user experience through enhanced site navigation, along with additions to our ever-expanding collection of resources. We thank our international community of contributors who are sharing their philosophies and experiences, as well as our readers from all over the world. In this blog post, we list some of the interesting articles and blogs that have especially resonated with readers. We hope to have a productive and fruitful 2020! Happy new year to our entire community!

Better Planning:

Better Development:

Better Reliability:

Better Performance:

Better Collaboration:

Better Skills:

Building a Better Scientific Software Community through Your Contributions

We welcome your interest in joining the the BSSw community in raising awareness of the importance of good software practices to scientific productivity. The BSSw site provides a venue to share information and experiences on scientific software issues. If you have experience or expertise that can help other scientific software teams, we encourage you to contribute to the BSSw site. We welcome original articles, blog posts, curated links (brief articles that highlight other web-based content), and event announcements.

Author Bio

Rinku Gupta is the Editor-in-Chief of the Better Scientific Software site. She has been a part of the high-performance scientific community for two decades and is a researcher in the field of high-performance fault tolerance, resiliency, middleware libraries and programming models. She is passionate about her work in the area of developer productivity and software sustainability; her current focus lies in partnering with the computational science community on these topics to design better scientific software.


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