Better Scientific Software: 2023 Highlights

2023 Highlights

PublishedJan 09, 2024
Author Rinku Gupta
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Entering the threshold of 2024, we mark the eighth year in the journey, extending our heartfelt appreciation to the vibrant community. Your steadfast support enables to serve as a hub for disseminating knowledge on software sustainability, productivity, and quality. This platform thrives on the diverse contributions from an ever-expanding international community, providing unique perspectives on the challenges, strategies, and best practices within the realm of scientific software.

The past year has seen a wealth of contributions, with insightful articles and perspectives enriching our collaborative community. This spirit of collaboration spurred us to introduce a new topic, delving into the world of research software engineers (RSEs). This specific inclusion aims to offer more nuanced perspectives on RSEs, highlighting the impact of these professionals in the broader context of scientific software development. This addition, alongside the existing wealth of content, aims to enhance the reader experience, providing a more comprehensive view of the ever-changing landscape of scientific software development.

Within this blog post, we shine a spotlight on articles and blogs that showcase the depth and breadth of knowledge shared on during the past year. As we embrace the opportunities that 2024 brings, we encourage further collaboration, innovation, and exploration of emerging trends in scientific software development.

To our dedicated contributors, readers, and supporters, your unwavering commitment is the cornerstone of's success. Happy New Year to the entire community! May this year usher in continued growth and collaboration in advancing the field of better scientific software.

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Building a better scientific software community through your contributions

The BSSw site remains an open platform for sharing information and experiences related to scientific software issues. If you possess expertise or experiences that can benefit other scientific software teams, we encourage you to contribute to the BSSw site. Whether through original articles, blog posts, curated links that highlight web-based content, or event announcements, your contributions play a crucial role in fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Thank you for being an integral part of the BSSw community. Here's to another year of shared knowledge, collaboration, and advancements in better scientific software. We look forward to your continued contributions in 2024!

Author bio

Rinku Gupta is the Editor-in-Chief of the Better Scientific Software site. She has been a part of the high-performance scientific community for two decades and is a researcher in the field of high-performance fault tolerance, resiliency, middleware libraries and programming models. She is passionate about her work in the area of developer productivity and software sustainability; her current focus lies in partnering with the computational science community on these topics to design better scientific software.


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